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If you dont like shops, you still have to eat so just pop over to the "dirty stuff" tab and pop something in a paypal basket and it will arrive in your post box like magic! oh, and if you can't find what you want, just get in touch and we'll do a fancy custom order just for you!


who sells dirt(y)

the people who will help you get dirt(y) in the privacy of your own kitchen





  • the garden shed & pantry - cygnet



who cooks dirt(y)

the people who weave the magic in the big kitchens so you can #eatdirty




dirt(y) wholesale


our go-to-girl Janette, for orders and deliveries or just a general dirt(y) chat

janette schulz  |  dirt(y) girl
0421 718 951 |  order | request price list | account inquiries



our resident legumeer Simon, for cooking info, crop and appelation chats, cheffy stuf

simon bryant  |  for dirt(y) tricks


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