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dirt(y) how

how to make a dirt(y) lentil


First rains mean it's time to pop the seeds in.  A month or so later, in mid-autumn, after a few light rains... 

 baby KI crop


With a little luck, some farmer-care and  350 to 500 mm rainfall a flower pops and from it a pod is born.

 simons lentil crop


Let them keep growing, tick tock...the seeds will fatten up inside the pods. Here's a never seem before shot from a lentil-cam - well not really, Im lying it has been seen before and we don't have a lentil- cam, but if we did we'd see a snap) of what's inside the pod. Bust one opne and you'll find a fresh mature lentil. There are two seeds per pod so they never get lonely while growing up.

 lentil pod


The crop has hit about 40 cm height and the then the sun dries out the plant and the pods.

 dry ground crop w simon

heading off

Drive a big ass tractor through and head them off.

 simon in tractor

ground storage

The technical term here is "chuck 'em in a shed."

lots of lentils


Lentil Mountain.

 shed load lentils

grading and sorting

Get a big machine and ask Yank Seeds to press the button.

Ok, there is a bit more to it than that ...

 big machine

mad stuff in the machine

Blow chaff ( last years wheat crops, barley, oats...anything that the nitrogen-gifting lentils helped grow in the previous years crop rotation), run over screens (seperate any big foreign objects, weird stuff ends up in fields - sticks, tractor parts, UFO vistor junk food wrappers). Get on gravity table and seperate heavy items that wouldn't be lentils (pebblestone is the one we are looking to get out here, it's heavier and will vibrate to the edge of the table).

gravity screen    after screen before table     gravity table


bag 'em up

Machine clean and ready for our warehouse.

 ready for pactory

getting read(y)

We know you love lentils but probably can't chow down a 25 kg bag (that's for the chefs who cook dirt(y)) so here they are in "pants terror" (the hard working delivery van - believe me with 800 kg of lentils on board weaving through the Adelaide Hills the name IS apppropriate) on their way to Kris Lloyd at Woodside Cheese Wrights (our distributor) so she can ship 'em to the shops.

 nuggets in van              packed van

some time in autumn the next year!

Kate Allen - Nature's Providore (Malvern)

 retail natures