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kipg farmers

baby KI lentil in the fielddirt(y) aquadulce broad beans are produced by farmers who belong to the Kangaroo Island Pure Grain (KIPG) network. Our brand is pretty unique as we’re the only label in Australia to buy and produce KIPG legumes for both the retail and food service markets.

Our stuff is ALWAYS fresh as extended siloage is just something we don’t do, the product is straight from the farm gate to the shelf....well, with a little work in between.

These broad beans are grown on Kangaroo Island (KI), 22 kms south west of Cape Jervois, south of Adelaide. The Island consists of 406,504 hectares of land internationally renowned as one of the most pristine natural environments in the world. Additionally KIPG also support farms located in Yorke Peninsula, about 150 kms west of Adelaide.

KIPG specialise in the production of premium quality grains. All of their grain is completely free of any GM content; is fully traceable back to the individual farm; and has been grown with minimum chemical inputs.


the wakame guy

wakame guyJames Ashmore is mad enough to hand harvest whole wakame fronds on the South East Coast of Tassie, from Maria Island to Bruny Island in the Tasman Sea. After snipping the plant - which looks like a a big tree kind of dancing in the current - he chucks them in a little bag (seriously!) so the fronds remain in perfect un-bruised condition.

Wakame has a short season commencing in late winter to early spring. We sell the current harvest as fresh frozen (to food service) and dried (to chefs and home cooks).

If you think wakame tastes fishy or mushy then you are just eating the wrong sort, the dirt(y) stuff just tastes like the pure clean ocean.


who's pressing your nuts?

raw pressed red skin peanut oilOur red skin peanuts are grown in the forever-sunny Peanut Capital of Australia – Kingaroy Queensland. They travel down to Willunga, south of Adelaide and into the safe and experienced hands of Tony Harding - Hardings Fine Foods for pressing.

Our peanuts are raw pressed as this is an authentic, artisan-style process that captures all the intensity of our peanut’s flavour and aroma. The pressing of our red skin peanuts is a simple process that's energy efficient, water-wise and produces little wastage. The German-designed “Komet” (oil expelling machine) efficiently squeezes an impressive 50 kg of peanuts in only an hour! (Oh, we do love a good bit of German design and efficiency!)

Once the peanut oil has been extracted, it’s left to sit for a bit to let the sediment to settle. Unlike other oils, our peanut oil does’nt require filtering, so Tony’s final step is to transfer the peanut oil into drums for transportation to nearby Adelaide where it is bottled and labelled by hand – yes, that’s right, by hand!