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Product: Delicate Wakame Flakes

Delicate Wakame Flakes

Storm Bay | Tasmania

dirt(y) wakame is a premium, single origin, wild grown king of seaweeds from the clean, pristine waters of Tasmania’s Storm Bay. Its gentle artisan style hand harvesting has a positive environmental impact as this centuries old food is considered an invasive species in the Tasman sea. This sea superfood is a perfect addition to any diet as there are few things we can eat that has the high nutritional value and ongoing health benefits as wakame. Pop in hot water for a few seconds to rehydrate, or add to a soup just before serving. The flakes can be fried in hot oil for a few seconds to crisp.

Our dirt(y) wakame makes a great addition to salads, stir fries, soups, broths and other savoury dishes – and a little goes a long way, as a general guide 1g per person ideal for most dishes. 

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