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Product: raw pressed red skin peanut oil 250ml

raw pressed red skin peanut oil 250ml

kingaroy | queensland

Our red skin peanuts are grown in Kingaroy – the Peanut Capital of Australia, and pressed in Victoria by Martin Cheney – Australian Harvest. We low temperature press as this is an authentic, artisan-style process that captures all the intensity of our peanut’s flavour and aroma; it is a simple process that's energy efficient, water-wise and produces little wastage.

We use all natural high Oleic Peanuts, the healthiest of all peanuts, with a higher level of mono-unsaturated fats and Omega 9. Peanut oil is withstands slightly higher temperatures without burning. More highly refined peanut (and other nut oils) may have higher flashpoints, but lose nutrients and flavour in processing. But we reckon we’ve struck a good balance between flavour and heat stability in cooking.

The label of our raw pressed red skin peanut oil includes the “season” of the oil. We sell only recent harvests as we don’t add stabilisers to extend shelf life; (naturally short with nuts) and recommend using as close to harvest/pressing as possible.

Available in 250ml retail bottle. Price shown is for one bottle. (For Chefs: 1 litre or 250mls - orders via our distributors)

2014 delicious Produce Awards national finalist