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Product: Royal Baby Blue Lentils

Royal Baby Blue Lentils

rupanyup | victoria

dirt(y) royal baby blue lentils are grown in the small rural town of Rupanyup, Victoria.

Our baby blues might have a steely blue appearance at first glance but don’t be fooled by first impressions; once cooked these lentils will show their true colour and style, as they are in fact a French green or du puy style lentil – the aristocrat of the lentil world.

You all know lentils don’t need soaking before cooking, but there’s more good news – they cook in just 12 - 15 minutes! The baby blues tend to hold their shape well in cooking and have a slight peppery flavour.

These lentils are great in summer salads, added to casseroles or soups.

Available in 500g retail packs and 5kg food service packs.

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